Save Our Waterfront convenes the following committees focused on specific issues relating to the North Camden neighborhood:

I.  Public Safety – Created in 2012, the Public Safety Committee works with the Camden Police Department and District Council Collaborative Boards to spearhead community-driven initiatives to improve public safety in North Camden.

II. Greening – The Greening Committee focuses on neighborhood beautification and the development, maintenance and programming of public open spaces in North Camden. Since its founding in 2009, the Greening Committee has stabilized and beautified over 100 vacant lots in North Camden and cleans Northgate Park on a weekly basis.

III. Housing – The Housing Committee’s mission is to collaboratively seek solutions to the housing issues that are prevalent in North Camden, such as abandonment and deterioration.

IV. Education – The Education Committee seeks to provide supplementation educational opportunities for North Camden’s youth population.

V. Economic Development – The Economic Development Committee is focused on attracting new businesses to North Camden, facilitating the retention and expansion of existing businesses, and developing employment opportunities.